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Party Planning A Birthday with a Charitable Twist

gift it forward, theresa evanoff

Our guest writer today is Theresa Evanoff, Founder & CEO of Gift-It-Forward. Her online invitation platform simplifies party planning, charity, and gifting in one easy place. Invited guests pool their money online, from which a portion goes towards a gift for the birthday boy / girl, and the rest to charity.  Secondsguru asked her how the idea was born, and is it even possible to sit with a child and get them to support charity …[Read more]

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Kids activities Lazy summer day crafts

Ah summer holidays, that time of the year that kids can’t wait to begin and parents can’t wait to end! Haha no really, I am actually looking forward to the day my kids get off school (another week to go) and I no longer have to follow the routine of their school pick-ups / drop-offs to schedule my day. Sure, it will be distracting work-wise to have them around, and there is bound to be …[Read more]


Summer 2016Top 10 picks of green books for kids

Our pick of 10 green books to read to your kids this summer! These Earth-friendly stories will inspire budding environmentalists, teach little ones about sustainability and encourage them to be kind to Mother Nature.

In 2015, Bangalore, India, was in the news for all the wrong reasons- environmentally speaking. Between infrastructure that didn’t keep up with the huge population, badly managed traffic, rampant construction and our terrible garbage management problem- we’ve experienced every aspect of the resultant global warming. We had the hottest summer in the last 80 years in 2016. We didn’t have our regular summer rain showers. Our green cover is down, our water table low and the …[Read more]