Published 28 February 2016 ● Last Updated on 24 November 2016

DIY wine cork board to brighten up your roomRead the latest from our “Drab to Fab” series. This DIY project has been undertaken by Radhika and Jeff, who have saved up wine corks over the years- from the days they drank wine as friends, to those days when they shared a bottle as a couple and then from the special bottles they had after they got married. Both being travel buffs makes the variety of wine corks even wider. They drew inspiration from Pinterest and got together to create this innovative upcycled cork board.

You know how sometimes you end up collecting the strangest of things? Things like wine corks, that won’t necessarily serve a purpose but you have the fondest memory of that beautiful Chianti you drank on a chilly night in Tuscany. Well, for my husband and I, this is quite normal. We actually date and label our wine corks so we know when and where it was enjoyed. Obviously you can tell that we are wine lovers and all that, as of end December 2015, we had a collection of over 400 wine corks (don’t judge, these come from our trips, to dinners with family and friends and so on and on and on…). Needless to say, we had quite a fine collection going on.

We also recently moved to a new house where we finally have an open kitchen plan- something that we have always wanted. We wanted to give our kitchen a little personal and rustic touch (not to forget the little eyesore of an aircon right outside the kitchen window!). So we decided to use our collection of wine corks and create a little masterpiece of our memories.

We turned to Pinterest for inspiration and to get started! Then on, it was real simple, and quite a lot of fun to do together. We acquired a thin piece of wood, which in our case fortuitously we had a few lying around after house renovations. Next we selected part of a window panel where we could put up our cork-board and add a bit of character.

All you need for the corks to stick is either super glue or double sided tape (both work well). Piecing the board with different corks was super fun with each cork being a unique size and colour, it was like putting up our own jigsaw puzzle.

DIY Wine cork board
Our very own wine cork puzzle as we put it together

So now we have a great wall piece in our kitchen which is a constant reminder of our memories of good times! I have to admit here that our wine cork collection is steadily growing still, so if you have any fantastic ideas on what we could do with those, drop me a line on The ladies at Secondsguru will forward your inputs to me!

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Radhika and Jeff are based in Singapore. She works in a large corporate in a CSR role and he in a management role for a well-established logistics firm. They have been married for a year and set up their beautiful home in Singapore just a few months back. Both share a passion for biking, boxing and honestly working out in any form! They are serial travellers, keen samplers of wine (in copious amounts) and love putting their culinary skills to test!



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