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Given a choice between buying new or repairing old, which one would you go with? And if you are still thinking about your answer, maybe the heavy-weight fact that more than 21,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Singapore on a daily basis will help tilt your decision scale in the right direction. To make a much needed difference and reduce the amount of waste generated, each of us needs to choose the repair option over the discard option, EVERY TIME!

Our previous article on Right to Repair Movement focused on the importance of repairing goods instead of simply trashing them. Globally, consumers want to be able to fix their own products and are challenging the ‘repair monopoly’ that manufacturers hold. Even a few governments are taking note and enacting legislation to this end. In this article, we’ve collated a list of all the different fix-it places in Singapore – be it for garments, furniture, household appliances or small electronics. Just head over there and get your repair ‘fix’!

As we have not tried all the services ourselves, we cannot guarantee the quality of repair. We’ve indicated shops that are tried and tested – but please search for reviews online or within your friend circles. Secondsguru’s role here is limited to collating info on where repair services are provided. There is no sponsored content. If you have feedback to share – please leave comments so others can benefit from it!

Where to repair CLOTHES / TEXTILES?

Why throw away a great pair of pants when all it needs is some alteration? Whether you need to lengthen the hem of a skirt, shorten the length of your jeans, repair a tear on the shorts, alter the fit of a top or restyle a vintage dress –  make up for your lack of sewing skills by heading to the experts below!

For clothes alterations and repairs:

Just Nice*| Roxy Square| Tel:  62477083

* Tried and tested | “I used them for simple length alterations on jeans and dresses, and they were “just nice” as promised!”, says Secondsguru founder Anuja Aggarwal.

Alteration Studio| One Raffles Link| Website

Jeans Fix| One Raffles Link| Website

Gee’s Creations| Lucky Plaza |Tel: 6738 8443

Meng Yee Express Alteration| Far East Plaza| Tel: 6738 1764| FB Page

For high end clothes and expensive item repairs:

Clancy Boutique| Far East Plaza| Tel: 6738 6971| Website

Nelson| 58 Seng Poh Road, #1-25 | Tel: 6220 1991| FB Page

* Tried and tested | “Excellent work on alteration of my work pants”, recommends a Secondsguru reader.

For clothes DIY repair:

Agatha Lee*| Restyle Workshops| Website

*Tried and tested| SG founders attended the workshop Restyle your wardrobe and benefited from her tips.  

Fashion Maker Space| Basic Sewing Skills| Website

Fashion Maker Space| Alteration| Website

For soft toys repair:

Plushie Hospital| Repair and cleaning | Website

For clothes donation:

If you have gently worn clothes that you would like to donate, do check out our guide Where to donate in Singapore.

Where to repair SHOES

where to donate old used preloved shoes in singapore

Good shoes last forever but sometimes with the wear and tear, they do need a bit of extra care. Have a broken heel that needs to be fixed? Or is the leather cracking in places? Need to get your suede shoes cleaned?  Or the office shoe re-soled? Our list has repair chains and even neighborhood cobblers you can turn to!

For shoes repairs:

Mister Minit*| Multiple Locations| Website & FB Page

*Tried and tested| “They’re dependable for basic repairs such as sole-glueing and equipped with basic machinery to do the job. High priced – but convenient locations,” testifies a Secondsguru reader.

Yamaguchi Taro| Yishun| Tel: 9670 4961| Website

*Tried and Tested| “They did a fabulous job at re-soling my office shoes – and at a sensible price – Yamaguchi San is now my go-to guy!”, testifies a reader.

Honest Crafters| Raffles City Shopping Centre| Tel: 9787 9271| Website

Shukey| Lucky Plaza| Tel: 9108 3135| Website

Shoelock Holmes| Far East Shopping Center| Tel: 6235 9894 | No website – but see Google Reviews

Steve Autokey & Shoe Services| Behind Holland Road Shopping Mall| Tel: 9007 0889

Where to repair ACCESSORIES

accessories, glasses, watch, jewelryWe’ve got your shoes and clothes covered, so accessories can’t be far behind. Have a broken watch strap or need a simple battery change or some jewellery polished, Singapore has repair specialists in these too!

For watch repairs and battery replacements:

Watch It| Tanglin Mall| Tel: 6733 3074| FB Page

Mister Minit| Multiple Locations| Website & FB Page

Global Watch Service| Kreta Ayer Heights| Tel: 6655 3388| Website

Bonfield| Tanglin Halt Road| Tel: 6473 5505| Website

For mechanical watch repairs:

Sky Watch| People’s Park Complex| Tel: 6535 1377| Website

For high end watch repairs:

It is preferable to go to the designated service centre for your brand.

For jewellery repairs and maintenance:

On Cheong| South Bridge Road & New Bridge Road| Tel: 6223 4788, 6323 5833| Website

More Than Diamonds| Tanglin Road| Tel: 6235 8873| Website

For eyeglass frame repairs:

Visio Optical| Holland Drive| Tel: 6776 0052| Website

Where to repair BAGS

suitcases, travel bags, handbags The funny thing about bags is that we need to take one for repair because we use it all the time or it’s never been used. Either way, what do you do when your daily-use sling bag’s straps come off or your high-end leather purse loses its sheen? Bring in the experts! Plus, travel suitcases need repairs due to the tough journeys they undergo. And we have an option even for bags that don’t need fixing – when you are bored with a tote but don’t want to throw it out – simply give it a new look!

For handbag repairs:

Honest Crafters| Raffles City Shopping Centre| Tel: 9787 9271| Website

Chan Yew Leather Artisans| Sims Avenue| Tel: 6748 9679| Website

For handbag maintenance and cleaning:

My Bag Spa| Far East Plaza| Tel: 9647 8884| Website

Dr. Bags| Multiple locations| Website

Bags Butler| Whatsapp +65 8798 8608 for quote

For handbag upcycling:

Meraki*| Email:| Website

*Tried and tested| Secondsguru Founder sent in her bag for a new look and she loved the new look. Take a look at the bag’s journey here.

For suitcase and travel bag repairs:

Mirrco| Bylands Building| Tel: 6339 7316| Website

Chiang Kong| Tannery Lane, Jewel @Changi| Tel: 6748 2786| Website

DNF Marketing & Services| Siglap Drive| Tel: 6448 4828| Website

Where to repair ELECTRONICS

where to donate dispose old computers laptops in singapore

Dropped your iPhone in water? Is your laptop just not switching on? A cracked mobile screen needs changing?  All these can be fixed – you do not need to go out and buy a new gadget!

For mobile phone repairs:

Fynd*| Tel: 6681 5707| Website

*Tried and Tested| “I used their service for my shattered iPhone screen – super quick, super efficient and reasonable prices too,” confirms Secondsguru Founder (and serial iPhone screen-breaker) Anuja

Hi Tech Mobile| IT Zone @ Victoria Street| Tel: 6336 3017| Website

Break Fix Now| Bugis Village| Tel: 6337 2739| Website

For laptop or PC repairs:

Fynd| Tel: 6681 5707| Website

Break Fix Now| Bugis Village| Tel: 6337 2739| Website

For Apple product repairs:

Mac Plus| Clementi | Tel: 8781 7928| Facebook Website

Laptop Doctor| Ang Mo Kio| Tel: 6454 6189| Website

Find your authorised service centres here

For DIY electronic repairs:

IFixit| Website

For camera repairs:

The Camera Workshop| Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre| Tel: 6336 1956| Website & FB Page


home appliances

Did you ever have the feeling that household items had a self-destruct button – how they get spoiled just as the warranty ends? They seem to know somehow… So, if you have a fridge, air-conditioner, microwave or any other household appliance that needs repairing, here are a few options if your authorised repair center is unable to give you any assistance.

For household appliance repairs:

Tat Hai Repair Centre| Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park| Tel: 8611 7676| Website

Fixwerks| Northstar| Tel: 6765 8890| Website

Repair Kopitiam| Multiple Locations| FB Page


Why throw away a sofa because the covers are dirty? Or dump a chair because the leg is broken? Or give up a mattress simply because of a stain? Give a new look to your home, and make your furniture last longer with the help of these experts.

For furniture upholstery / curtains:

Kim Hwee Sofa Industry| Golden Pine Industrial Building| Tel: 6280 1208

New Style Enterprise | Whatsapp Alex at Tel: 9690 5777

*Tried and Tested| “Alex’s team is great with curtains – from repairing railrods to cleaning blinds” shares a reader.

Home Etcetera| Mactaggart Road| Tel: 6488 1304| Website

On Lewo| Jalan Besar| Tel: 9112 4685| Website

For furniture restorations:

Cheng Carpenters & Design| Woodlands Bizhub| Tel: 6836 6760, 9845 2567 | FB Page

*Tried and Tested| “When I relocated my furniture from Hong Kong to Singapore, some of my favourite furniture pieces were damaged during shipment. Luckily for me, the insurer sent Cheng Carpenters for restoration services – and they did beautiful repair work. All pieces are still standing strong,” attests Secondsguru Founder Anuja

Tommi: King of restoration| Yishun Ave 6| Tel: 8222 5233| Website & FB Page

Wah King Furniture Making| Defu Lane 10| Tel: 9670 5150| FB Page

Barossa Furnishing| Woodlands Industrial Park| Tel: 9664 8451, 8786 5123| Website

Retro Dec| Whatsapp: 9823 1248| Website

Blk 352 Ang Mo Kio Street 32, #11-131, Singapore 560352| Tel: 9658 8461

*Tried and Tested| “This HDB shop does rattan work – they did really good job reworking my wooden chair. It was the most reasonable option I found in Singapore,” shares a Secondsguru follower.

For furniture cleaning /stain removal /sanitisation services:

ChemDry| Genting Lane| Tel: 6749 3252| Website

*Tried and Tested| “I called them for a home cleaning service for my chairs – very efficient service,” reports a Secondsguru reader.

De Hygienique| Paya Ubi Industrial Park| Tel: 6749 1950| Website

For furniture restyling:

Big Blue Trunk SG| Cluny Court| Tel: 9247 7107| Website

For lamp shade re-upholstery:

Johor and Co| Yishun Industrial Park A| Tel: 6758 5874

Lims| Multiple locations| Website & FB Page

*Tried and Tested| “ When my beautiful green lampshade purchased from a vintage store in Hong Kong nearly 10 years ago turned pale yellow, I decided to get it fixed. I asked around for recommendations and am glad that I went with Lims for getting it done- both for quality of their work and the professional service provided. The shade is now pastel blue and adds a nice pop of color to the house as its earlier green version did,” attests Secondsguru Founder Lara

For rattan repairs:

Hack Sheng & Co.| Kallang Bahru| Tel:  6292 0828, 6298 7342| Website

For ceramics repair:

The Hairy Potter| Tel:  9177 8029

Where to repair SPORTING GOODS

sports goods

The failing brakes on bikes, the punctured cycle tires, the sagging strings on tennis rackets – they don’t need to keep you away from your game. Head to the experts for a quick fix of sports goods. 

For sports goods maintenance and servicing:

Decathlon| Select Branches Only| Website

Sports Report (Tennis racquet gutting/restringing) | Tel: 6472 3876| FB page|

For cycle servicing:

Chin Hong Cycle Co.| Joo Chiat Road| Tel: 6447 3766│ FB Page

Decathlon| Select Branches Only| Website


Music Elements| Ubi Road| Tel: 6444 0706│ Website

*Offer rental services as well as preloved for sale

◎ Well Played Gear by Swee Lee| Ubi Road| Tel: 3163 5618│ Website

*For guitars only – offer repair, servicing as well as sales of preloved and vintage guitars.

◎ Synwin Music| Marina Square| Tel: 6336 1336│ Website

*For violins only.

If you have any suggestions to add or any recommendations, do leave us a message below. Happy Repairing from now on!

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