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Blockprinting fabrics A workshop with Indian artisan Khushiram

Blockprinting fabrics | Workshop with artisan Khushiram

You have definitely seen and drooled over them: the beautiful, delicate blockprints of Rajasthan. Their shapely forms repeat endlessly, creating geometric beauty in their wake. You can sight them on all sorts of drapes – scarves, stoles, curtains, sheets… Step into the fabric markets of Delhi or Jaipur, and you cannot escape the draw of their prints, their hypnotic patterns. What amazes me is how the art form of blockprinting, several centuries old, has evolved …[Read more]


Recycling old resolutions? Perhaps it is time to trash them instead!

Some promises are meant to be kept. For everything else, there are New Year Resolutions! lists 5 promises we all make (and break) repeatedly

  Yes, ’tis that time of the year indeed, when you get that uncomfortable gnaw in the pit of the stomach which good intentions and foreboding and holiday food mix together to create. It will peak in a couple of days when your Facebook feed overflows with grand promises: of beerless Januaries, meatless meals, reality-less TV, pokemon-less walks and other delusions. Chances are, you too will get seduced into making unreasonable demands of yourself and …[Read more]

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Kids crafts Make a mini Christmas tree out of egg cartons!

Kids Crafts | Create a miniature Christmas tree out of egg cartons! A fun holiday activity this Xmas season

It’s the season to be jolly, and also the season to start stressing on what to fill the days with  when your kids start their holidays! Some of us will definitely be overdosing on egg-nog to deal with family time 😉 while others will be baking through the month to stock up gingerbread – either way, it’s great coz you’ll have all you need for this crafts activity which is a prefect project for Christmas! …[Read more]


Events Eco-friendly lifestyle takes centrestage at Green Living 2016

Green Living eco-lifestyle event. Sep 9-11 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Green Living is back with its eco-lifestyle event for the second year running. The exhibition brings together a diverse range of consumer and business brands over Sep 9-11 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. The aim is to promote sustainable living by bringing consumers in contact with responsible brands and showcasing best practices. However, sustainability is not just about buying sustainable products. So we at Secondsguru love that in addition to the pop-up market, …[Read more]