8 things sustainable cities do right

8 things sustainable cities do right

The world population recently hit the 8 billion mark, yet humanity continues using up resources faster than Earth can replenish them. In order to preserve and protect the world against evermore depletion of resources, we need to rethink how we inhabit the world. With urbanisation only set to increase, we need sustainable cities – urban settlements that nourish the people and the planet. Can you imagine a world with smog-free air, plenty of green spaces, …[Read more]

Year-end Review Emerging Trends in Sustainability

Emerging sustainability trends

The United Nations defines sustainable development as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” While audacious sustainability goals are all well and good, the world also needs a holistic, targeted series of small and consistently applied actions for lasting business and societal results. Let’s look at some of the emerging trends in the sustainability space trying to do just that! Net Zero Technology Net …[Read more]

MythBusting Yes, a plant-based diet can provide all the nutrition you need!

Vegetarian myths

It is often assumed that a vegetarian or vegan diet is not adequate because it lacks essential nutrients. Bearing its brunt, when I mention I am vegetarian, I am often asked, “Oh, how do you get your protein?” Followed by, “Are you sure you are getting enough of all the nutrients?” Let’s take a look at a few of the widely held beliefs about a plant-based diet, and see if there is any truth to …[Read more]

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Real Projects, Real Change How Zero Waste Bootcamp is contributing to a healthier, friendlier Singapore

Secondsguru - The travelling exhibition

Detailed posters depicting the impact of various projects from Secondsguru’s Zero Waste Bootcamps are on display in a ‘Traveling Exhibition‘ across public spaces in Singapore to spur youth and members of the community to come together and take collective action. The exhibition is on at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery till 10 Jan 2022. It will move to NUS Central Library till the end of March 2022 before heading over to the next public space for …[Read more]