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Our guest author today is Suzanne Johannes, a super mom juggling her career and family efficiently day in and day out. In her free time, she loves to bake sourdough bread, handmade soaps/bath scrubs and lip balms and also  lip-smacking natural soda with beneficial enzymes and probiotics. Additionally, as you will discover when you read on, she is great at D.I.Y projects under extremely stressful situations!

A super girl hero, finally

Wonder Woman has been the superhero my little 4-year-old needed in her life. Finally, there was a girl superhero who could kick butt and do it well. She has of course not seen the movie ( too violent for a 4-year-old ) but she has seen the trailers, cut-outs and umpteen advertisements- all of it was enough to make her feel empowered.

As any child her age, she loves to play dress up, and ‘becoming’ Wonder Woman has been a long-cherished wish. Ever since the movie hit the theatres, I have been looking for the perfect costume for her to play Wonder Woman…. but somehow it has always eluded me. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, maybe I didn’t want to spend $100 ++ to secure the said costume.  I did spot some cheaper options online, but I wasn’t convinced they looked nice enough. I went to Toys”R”Us, but they didn’t stock Wonder Woman’s costume. They had everything from Ironman to Darth Vader …. but no Wonder Woman. Either there is a serious lack of demand for female superhero costume or there was too much demand and they are all sold out. Anyway, I was in no hurry so I left it at that. As a result, for the past 6 months, my daughter has been without the costume.
And she was doing just fine, until…

No time to waste!

In early October, I was sent a note home in my daughter’s school bag, with information on the upcoming ‘Spirit Day’ at school. On this day, the children get to come to school dressed up as someone who inspires them. As luck would have it, I had missed reading the memo! When realisation finally dawned upon me, I had all of 2 days to think up a costume. There was no doubt as to who my daughter wanted to dress as … so off I went to Spotlight [Plaza Singapura] to buy the said costume. Well, guess my luck … the store had no Wonder Woman costumes or accessories! Nada. Now, it was one day to d-day. I did not panic [To be honest I did, and it was bad. The store staff had to offer me water and a spot to sit down]. Not one to give up, I opened up the always- there- to – the -rescue- of -mothers ‘God sent’ application, Pinterest, on my phone. And there it was, an easy DIY idea to create your own Wonder Woman costume. I needed a few things to complete the DIY. Luckily I was, Spotlight, in the best place one can be to get all crafty in Singapore. I picked thick card paper in gold and sparkly red and a golden rope from Daiso next door. I was set.

The magical transformation
Accessories :

Wonder Woman has very simple accessories- the crown, the “indestructible bracelets” and the “lasso of truth”. The golden rope would be the lasso.
I cut out a crown and bracelets in gold card paper. Glued a ribbon to the crown so I can adjust the crown to the size of her head. Cut out stars from the sparkly red paper and stuck it to the crown and bracelets….. and I was done.
Wonder woman costume diy
Getting started- paper, glue gun, stencil, ruler, pencils all set
wonder woman diy costume
Accessories all set!

Outfit :
Now for the clothes, Wonder Woman followed the red and blue theme as with most of the American superheroes.  I got lucky here, my daughter had an old blue denim skirt and a red t-shirt. The t-shirt, however, had a big picture printed across the chest. That’s where the yellow tape I had bought ages back, in case I would someday need it, came handy. I pasted the tape across the chest in a ‘W’ shape. I repeated this three times over, overlapping each time. The picture was well covered now. Finally, I outlined the ‘W’ with a black sharpie  … and we were done.

Next morning, I had one excited little Wonder Woman and still some money left in my pocket ….. Guess what she is dressing up as for Halloween :-). Moreover, I had been able to stick to an eco-friendly lifestyle motto by making my own costume at home with stuff lying around the house, mostly!

-Suzanne Johannes



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