Published 8 May 2020 ● Last Updated on 29 July 2020

With Mother’s Day around the corner, if your gift isn’t already ready then it’s about time you figured out Plan B. Wait! We’ve actually got Plan B in place for you. How about making some really cool DIY gifts by #repurposing common household items? It’s a win – win situation; you made a gift and it’s eco friendly too. Your mom will absolutely love it!

So, Daddies let’s roll up those sleeves and get to work! (Yes, I figured that one parent was going to help the young ones and since this day is for the ladies, the men can earn brownie points by keeping the kids busy doing the DIY project and making something useful for the lovely mothers.)

Common Household Items converted into Gifts

1. Tin/Aluminium Cans

Usually one may have some of these cans lying around in the house, they’ve probably been saved to be used for something else but not been put to use yet. Gather a few and convert them into some very interesting items.

You could make these lovely tin can planters with captions for your Mom to place in the balcony or window sill.

Tin Can Planters
Tin Can Planters by The Best Ideas For Kids

Or make these craft stick flower pots; they look very pretty.

Craft Stick Flower Pots Tin Can
Tin Can recycled to make Craft Stick Flower Pots by Typically Simple

Who doesn’t love the sound of wind chimes? Make these bright and happy DIY Wind Chimes by recycling tin cans.

Wind Chimes using Tin Cans
Tin Can Wind Chimes made by Handmade by Kelly

If you’re up for the challenge, then this tin can organiser is a really cool gift. You mom can use it to organise tableware or her stationery

Tin Can Cutlery Organiser
Tin Can Organiser by Madame Criativa

2. PET Plastic Bottles

It’s such a waste to throw away these plastic bottles when one can recycle them to make so many interesting and useful gifts.

Convert those plastic bottles into a lovely jewellery organiser stand that can put on the dressing table for all those earrings and bracelets.

Plastic Bottle converted in Organiser
Plastic Bottle Organiser Stand by Kraft Story

And if you feel up to it, make her some cuff bracelets and water bottle bangles as well using these plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottle converted to bracelets and Bangles
Plastic Bottle Cuff Bracelets by Charisa Darling & Water Bottle Bangles by Skip To My Lou

If you have some of those large water bottles, then you could easily convert them into baskets with handles that can be used to store small items like clothes pins or craft items.

Plastic Bottle Bag with Handles
Plastic Bottle Bag by Recycle Art

A pretty flower mobile for your Mom to hang up in her room, reminding her of all your hard work!

Plastic Bottle Flower Mobile
Plastic Bottle Flower Mobile by Creative Jewish Mom

3. Old CDs and DVDs

This is a tricky one. You will either have a pile of these that you have saved to use for some DIY project or you will have none ‘cause you got rid of them as and when they were spoilt. Let’s hope you have a few, as you can make some great gifts by recycling old CDs and DVDs.

Use old CDs as photo frames and make a collage of all the good times spent together.

Another way to repurpose old CDs and DVDs is to make coaster. Coasters are always useful, you could use bits of fabric to cover them up or just go ahead and paint them funky!

Recycled CD Coasters
Recycled CD Coasters by Turning the Clock Back

Old CDs can be converted into lovely Tea Light holders too – I’m sure your Mom will love these!

CD converted into Tea light holders
CDs recycled into Tea LIght Holders by Sharing Your Experiences

For sweet dreams always, make a lovely woven CD dream catcher for Mom!

CD Dream Catchers
CDs made in Woven Dream Catchers by Pink Stripey Socks

4. Magazines or Newspaper

Easily available at home and easy to craft with to create something special.

Say “You’re Special” with a bouquet of paper flowers.

Magazine Paper Flowers
Paper Flowers made using magazines by Rock n Roll Bride

Make a magazine basket or newspaper basket – you decide!

Newspaper Basket
Baskets made using old newspaper or magazine by Craftionary

A necklace using paper beads is something she will surely treasure!

Paper Beads
Beads made out of paper by Golden Fingers

Secondsguru Recommends

As you already know, we love trying out different DIY projects to be able to recycle things instead of just dumping them in the trash. So, if you needed some more ideas here are a few that we’ve tested and tried.

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We hope you enjoy making these gifts as much as we did putting this list together. Wishing all the lovely mothers a very happy and ‘relaxed’ Mother’s Day!


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