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Readers’ Corner Top eco books recommended by environmentalists

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Secondsguru’s Readers’ Corner is a regular feature where eco warriors from Singapore share with us a book on sustainability that made an impact on them. This reading list of eco themed books is recommended for all those who want to make a difference to the world we live in – reading is a journey, rich in experience and learning, without actually having to leave a room. (Ideal at this point of time?!) This month, we …[Read more]

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Sleepless in Coronatimes? A guide to get the rest you need!

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Be it due lack of exercise or the excess of corona conversations, many among us are ending up with sleep patterns disturbed. And sleep has never been so precious – it impacts our mental well-being, which is already precarious in these socially distant times; and it affects our immunity, which needs to fight a novel virus. This is why we turned to Pooja Arora, co-founder of ReDefine Wellness, to share some techniques to sleep better …[Read more]

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Coronatimes A trashy world for now, a closer community forever


At Secondsguru, we aim to make green, sustainable lifestyles fun, practical and accessible for all. Preaching has never been our thing, instead, we equip you with information and tips – whether it is busting myths about recycling, telling you where to do package free shopping, sharing a zero waste toolkit guide, highlighting how to manage food waste or just anything eco. All this to give you – our reader – the option to adopt the …[Read more]

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Coronatimes Restore balance through forest bathing

Forest bathing

As an Avenger’s fan, I can’t help but relate the current situation to that of Thanos snapping his fingers and wiping out half the universe’s population. It seems like we’re a part of ‘The End Game’ and for once, the world is united to fight a common enemy – the novel coronavirus! Even though  COVID-19 has spread to every continent and the numbers keep rising – there are some silver linings in our world grappling …[Read more]