Food Labels What they say and how to read them?

what is in your food label

Food, one of the basic necessities of humankind, has long surpassed the necessity status and gone on to take a fancier role in our lives. From eating to satiate hunger and derive strength from the nutrients in the food, food itself has become more of a fashion statement. Leading this pageant is food in fancy packaging straight out of the factory! A factory is defined as a production plant where they manufacture items or operate …[Read more]

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Eco Tips Everyday hacks to heal the world

every day earth day

The Earth is the only planet we know of that supports life. But with the evolution of humankind (who has not been so kind to the Earth), it’s survival has become a bit of a question mark. Our footprint is all over the planet, along with debris and pollution. The first mass call for action to combat destructive human activities came about 50 years ago – in spring of 1970. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, …[Read more]

Less is more The why and how of embracing fashion minimalism


This is a story I often hear from my mother, back in the day when she was young, she would only get two to three pairs of new clothes every year. Her (shared) cupboard mostly consisted of hand-me-downs from sisters, cousins and sometimes people whom she did not even know. There never was any embarrassment in wearing hand-me-downs. In fact, if anything, there was pride in growing up to fit into an older sister’s clothes …[Read more]