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Looking to offset your carbon footprint? │ A handy guide to choose the right carbon offset project

choose the right carbon offset project

“What difference does my teeny tiny carbon footprint really make?” At some point of time, this question may have been a whisper in your ear or a small thought bubble in your head… My friend, the world’s population is currently 7.7 billion people and is growing every minute! So, if each one had that question, I think that ‘teeny tiny carbon footprint’ would be substantially large to have an impact on Mother Earth. Singapore alone …[Read more]

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Eco Warriors │ Meet Nasyitah Tan, founder of The LOOMs Workshop, a social enterprise

nasyitah tan looms workshop singapore social enterprise

Creating bespoke handcrafted products for clients by repurposing and recycling materials; very few enterprises manage to blend in sustainability and design the way The LOOMs Workshop does. And if that wasn’t enough ‘doing good’, their mission is “to provide education and employment opportunities that will empower women and enable their families.” We asked Nasyitah Tan, the bright and cheerful founder of The LOOMs Workshop (TLW) to share the story with us and she very readily obliged. …[Read more]

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Be a Green Valentine!

ideas for a special Valentine's day

In today’s busy world, maybe it’s actually a good thing to have a specific day assigned to love! This way, people are able to take the time out of their jam-packed schedules to appreciate loved ones and make at least these 24 hours special. And no, we are not being sarcastic… we understand that every little thing you do daily does express your love but, sometimes, “You walk the dog and I’ll do the dishes” …[Read more]

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Should you buy carbon offsets? The solution when your best efforts aren’t good enough!

carbon offset purchase

In the rule book of success, there aren’t too many shortcuts in life. If we were to apply the same ethos to leading an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, one has to be determined to make all those little changes that truly count in the long run. But despite best efforts, sometimes, our carbon footprint can seem higher than what we’d hoped for. And that is when Carbon Offsetting is a good option to turn to! …[Read more]